Editor, Times-Union:
The May 6 election for the Republican State Representative District 22 seat reminds me of my 1991 Senate District 9 race against a South Bend Democrat incumbent. My opponent ignored her votes and used an endless attack of misrepresentation that twisted and attempted to divert the voters’ attention from the issues and facts of the race.
From 1988 when I was elected to the first of two terms as state representatives until 2004 when I retired after completing three terms as state senator in the District 22 area, I believe I have an understanding of the nature of the citizens in this district. The votes of the current representative do not match the conservative nature of the District I remember. As I've returned to the area where I continue to serve the public trust as clerk-treasurer in Winona Lake, I've been able to spend more time with my family. With five children, 19 grandchildren and one great-grandchild, I want our citizens to be represented and respected like Doc Bowen trained me. The most important part of that training was to listen to everyone's opinion and respect their thought even though we might disagree.
As a citizen, former state senator and representative and now clerk-treasurer, I am offended to see the despicable campaign now being carried out by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce for the benefit of Kubacki. The first postcard implied Curt Nisly might have committed treason. The next card continued that theme indicating Curt Nisly can’t honestly take the oath of office.  Then, they accused Curt of being owned by the labor union bosses because he received a contribution from the Lunch Pail Republican PAC. Just wondering how much Kubacki received from the Indiana Chamber PAC? My guess many thousands more than Curt received.
As a pro-business, pro-family, pro-life fiscal conservative the Indiana Chamber of Commerce was a supporter of mine. If they would have attempted to use their present tactics against any opponent of mine, I would have immediately demanded and seen to it that they cease their attack. Today, I express my opinion about the Indiana Chamber of Commerce's blatant character assassination lobbied agains Curt Nisly. I have called and talked with the Chamber’s CEO and told him I could not believe the good face of Indiana business was involved in this type of twisted marketing that is a thinly veiled attack on a legitimate contender for the Indiana House. I am aware of other long standing corporate members in District 22 who have also contacted Mr. Brinegar to express the same message.
Each individual should be who we are and stand for the principles, values and religious freedoms upon which this country was founded. This is an all-important election and District 22 deserves a representative who has the integrity and can be trusted to vote as they have told their constituents they would.
God bless the USA and the great state of Indiana.
Kent Adams
Winona Lake, via email