Editor, Times-Union:
Tragically, Mr. Gerard's News Views column entitled “I am a RINO” is most disappointing. Mr. Gerard initiated this column by stating his conservative beliefs and then eloquently catalogs his frustrations which are  felt by all conservatives with today's Republican Party. He then goes on to document his justification for becoming a "RINO" due to conservatives defining marriage as being exclusively between a man and a woman along with conservatives not making a meth ingredient a prescription drug.
Mr. Gerard should weigh the aggregate of a Party's opinions and goals vs. those of the opposition before besmirching that Party. Whether criticising the Republican party with your words or vote you could rally support for the liberal Democrat opposition. Doing so would represent the loss of the items you advocated including limited government, lower taxes, right to work, and school vouchers. In addition, the liberals will continue to grow a $17.5 trillion debt, a disastrous foreign policy, the expansion of Obamacare, and much more which will prove detrimental to our Nation.
Instead of a negative why not support a positive. Suggest you read Mark Levin's book entitled "The Liberty Amendments" which, if implemented, will dismantle the federal leviathan. Then, if you concur, write columns supporting those amendments.
Martin Stephens
Warsaw, via mail