Editor, Times-Union:
I am angry and don’t even know where to start!
I learned that Kokapelli was a mythological Indian “deceiver,” but the people loved him despite his lies and trickery. And now we have a whole Kokapelli Tribe in the U.S. government, of which people are so enamored that they just ignore the lies and deceit as if it’s just a funny joke on the Republicans. But when will people wake up and see the danger? Is it only when your child needs a lung transplant, and the Health Secretary (or death panel) says, “No, some people live and some people die!” Is it when your mother needs a new pacemaker and they tell you (as Obama said): “There comes a time when you just have to give them a pill (to die?)” How crass and uncaring! Wake up, America! Wake up, Christians! We must remind each other that life is sacred! The universe is moral! And real Americans stand up for what is right and moral and true!
Don’t wait until your health insurance cost doubles or gets cancelled and you pay a fine! Don’t wait until you lose your job or full-time hours (because your employer can’t afford the cost of Obamacare)! Will you blame the boss, or Obamacare? Don’t wait until you try to vote and get intimidated by Black Panthers (and Eric Holder refuses to prosecute)! Don’t wait until you or a loved one gets killed because U.S. Troops are told to “stand down” rather than come to your/their aid! Don’t wait until your family gets killed by guns sold illegally by the U.S. government to drug lords in Mexico! Will you care then if they botch the investigation and then lie about what happened?
No one in this administration is even punished for telling lies. No, they get promoted! Where is the outrage? Where is the media coverage? Why does anyone think this is OK? And now they monitor all our calls, texts and e-mails! Will you or I be audited next (or my business shut down) because we oppose what they are doing? This is what happened to dozens of Romney supporters like the Koch Brothers, Gibson Guitar, and a lady with clothing stores in New York. Will they leak your private finances and tax info to the press? Why it is OK to steal an election by shutting down your opponent’s fundraising (through IRS audits/leaks and denying 501c3 status)? Americans, wake up! “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!” The founders knew this, and wrote our Constitution to protect our rights from ever being abridged. But it is time for us to stand up and defend our rights from these abuses of power. It is time to end Obamacare, demand that Eric Holder resign, and stop wire taps and IRS abuse of innocent citizens now!
Obamacare was promoted to save us all money, but it is costing us more, much more! Plus we can’t trust the IRS to be a fair administrator. We were sold an empty promise. It is time to write or call Senators Coats and Donnelly to defund Obamacare (as the House has already done). It is time for the House to hold in contempt any government employee who refuses to testify or who commits perjury. Maybe it takes a jail or prison sentence to reveal the truth! It is time we hold government employees accountable to the people they serve: you and me! http://coats.senate.gov 260-426-3151 and http://donnelly.senate.gov 202-224-4814
Russell Reahard
North Manchester