Editor, Times-Union:
As a long time admirer of the late, great historian Howard Zinn, and owner of a cherished copy of “A People’s History of the United States,” I was sickened by Mitch Daniels’ censorship of this wonderful book.
Daniels character assassination describes Mr. Zinn as “a terrible, anti-American academic.” This is especially galling since Mr. Zinn flew bombing missions during World War II while Daniels chose not to ever wear a military uniform.
Daniels goes on to demean Mr. Zinn’s work as “execrable,” “anti-factual,” “false,” “crap” and “excrement,” but offers not one example of such slanderous accusations. Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of history knows that the white man stole the land that Native Americans lived on and in the process nearly exterminated them, then put the remainder on reservations. They also know that slaves were brought here against their will, placed in servitude, and sold on the auction block like cattle. Even after being emancipated they were denied the right to vote until 1965.
Mr. Zinn discusses at great length the labor movements and tells of the hellish working conditions before unions were organized. He also relates how the rich and powerful hired mercenaries to kill strikers and union activists. As Daniels prepared to ram Right To Work laws down the throats of working Hoosiers, perhaps he wished to hush how lives would be impacted by deteriorating working conditions, low pay and diminished benefits without union representation.
Howard Zinn devoted his life trying to give voice to the voiceless, Daniels has devoted his life to making the voices of the 1 percent louder.
Janet Collins
Etna Green, via e-mail