Editor, Times-Union:
Tonight, (Sunday), about 11 p.m., we heard what sounded like a terrible dog fight coming from our field. My dog was inside, but was very nervous, crying and barking.
I hurriedly ran out and drove my van into the field and toward the woods to see what I could see with my headlights. I then saw three and maybe more coyotes running around the area and then over to my neighbor’s yard. I am pretty sure they were attacking a dog. It was a very pitiful sound. I sure hope my distraction allowed the dog to get away.
I heard that coyotes were in parts of the area, but I live right on the edge of Warsaw around many homes and I was surprised to see them this close to town. Please keep a watch on your pets when you let them out. Small dogs and cats are a perfect prey for them.
Mike Ragan
Warsaw, via e-mail