Editor, Times-Union:
Representative Rebecca Kubacki is up for re-election.
In 2010, then-candidate Kubacki told a crowd of potential voters that marriage is between one man and one woman. The issue was not complicated, she said, calling it “black and white:”
In 2014 she changed her mind, voting to kill HJR3, a bill which would have allowed Hoosiers to vote to protect traditional marriage.
In 2011 Rep. Kubacki voted to bar illegal aliens from receiving in-state tuition, something the majority of Hoosiers agree with. The bill became law in Indiana. In 2013, she sponsored bill SB 207 which gives in-state tuition to illegal aliens. The bill passed and is now costing Hoosiers millions of dollars each year.
Rep. Kubacki recently said that she believes in small government. Considering her apparent inability to stick to her convictions, one wonders how that will turn out.
Tressa Nichols
Warsaw, via emal