Editor, Times-Union:
My house has received mailings against candidate Curt Nisly. We always like to know all the information because we strive to be informed voters; however, we are not giving the  (Indiana) Chamber of Commerce’s attacks any merit.
We don’t care about casual tweeted stuff from years ago. If anything we are glad to learn Mr. Nisly has been passionate and speaking up for a long time. We like that Mr. Nisly is confident enough to tweet whatever headlines he wants.
We are not worried about the support from union members. What the hit pieces do not bother to mention is those supporters are Lunch Pail Republicans, which means they are conservatives who are in the union because of their jobs. Mr. Nisly received their endorsement earlier in the week.
What my family cares about is true conservatism. Mr. Nisly advocates limited government that follows the rule of law. We agree. We need our government controlled, not people controlled through bureaucracies and mandates. Government controlled by the people brings lower taxes, which we really like.
Mr. Nisly has our support. We know what he’s about. Smear attacks against him will not chase us away. Please don’t let them dissuade you either.
Brandon Clingaman
Warsaw, via email