Editor, Times-Union:
Each year brings new change along the way, after many years in the work force, paying taxes, raising a family, and going through the school of hard knocks we tend to learn some things and draw opinions, so from a conservative, here comes some old school thoughts, bits and pieces.
Enough talk about immigration reform, it’s not hard or complicated. People are entering our country illegally. They should be rounded up and sent back, secure the boarder, stop all funding for illegals and give that money that’s earned deserved, to our senior citizens and veterans. Uphold the laws that are written rather than for politicians to support their own political agenda for votes.
We have to be so careful with what we say about issues and certain lifestyles ...things have gone too far here. Sure we need to be respectful and understanding to a point, but I’m tired of this tolerance stuff that has gone too far. If I don’t like a issue and you’re in my face with it, then while many may be “tolerant,” many of us wont put up with you in our face with it.
I really like the liberal new terms now. Progressive is the hip term. We need to get leadership in Washington that has good ol’ fashion common sense with a  backbone. Stop worrying about what other countries think of us and take care of our own citizens, more about America and less United Nations.
And while we’re at it, disconnect our liberal media that is attached to Washington at the hip, teach them to report, not distort.
Our technology for the most part is good, but like anything else, use in moderation. Folks, put them cell phones down for a while and go visit each other. Talk in person. Take time to be with each other, and for you and your family’s sake ... put them cell phones down and drive safe. So many of us have the “it can’t happen to me syndrome.” Ask a police officer how many accidents he comes to regarding distracted drivers, grave yards are full of them,
Child molesters are getting off way too easy. They are destroying lives, hurting families, and are a cancer in our society. We need sentencing that is harsh and in some cases brutal. If they don’t learn the first time in prison, and they hurt another child ... tall tree short rope, problem solved.
Some of our citizens do need help for a while, but these people that are baby factories getting entitlement money from tax dollars need to get off their back and get a job.
We speak English here. If you leave your country to come here, learn to speak English. Don’t expect us to have to learn your language. You will find most will help and respect your efforts.
We live in one of the greatest nations in the world. Sure we disagree, and some politicians need to be replaced, in many ways our government has crossed boundaries, and hopefully we will learn from our mistakes, but a lot of men and women have paid with their life for the freedoms we have. If you really hate it here, flights are leaving everyday for other countries so go and be content, peaceful and happy.
Have a great new year filled with happiness and good health.
Mike Wood
Warsaw, via e-mail