Editor, Times-Union:
I’m writing to inform many Hoosiers in our area that our children will, yet again, be put through another test via Common Core’s CoreLink assessment test. I, thankfully, was informed of this test a few weeks ago and have done some homework on it.
Tony Bennett assured the Feds that they would be able to test our children under this assessment when he pushed Common Core and tucked it away in the ISTEP+ contract he signed with McGraw-Hill. The Ed Board approved giving this test in December; therefore, our children will be subjected to, yet again, another test. Superintendent Ritz has been asked to hold off on implementing this test, but looks like she’s not budging. Sounds like some phone calls and emails need to be made to let them know that our children will not be the guinea pigs of the federal government.
When do we say enough is enough? They will have just finished the second round of ISTEP and then will be given the Common Core CoreLink test right after that. I checked our school corporation’s website and there’s nothing mentioned about this test coming, but I can assure you it is. I’ve had conversations with our principal and superintendent and ours is scheduled for May 12.
I encourage you to do some research to see when your school is holding theirs. We have opted our son out of this test as is our right to do. I encourage all Hoosiers to start getting involved on what our children are being subjected to and take a stand. Our teachers need to be able to teach and children need to be able to learn!
Rhonda Miller
Nappanee, via e-mail