Editor, Times-Union:
I’m writing this letter in regards to the meeting I attended in Warsaw a couple of weeks ago on Common Core. I cannot say enough how beneficial it was for me to have attended. I greatly appreciated hearing from Mr. Terrance Moore from Hillsdale College; Erin Tuttle, co-founder of Hoosiers Against Common Core; and Senator Kruse. I could have listed to them all day.
As a parent, I’m alarmed as to the direction of our kids’ education under this curriculum. I’ve spent the last year and a half researching the U.N.’s Agenda 21 program and understand that Common Core, with all it's support, is the educational arm of this takeover of our county. I would encourage everyone to do your own research and see for yourself. I have and have become a vocal critic of the U.N. and Common Core. I've written several legislatures and have only received one response from Senator Rand Paul acknowledging Agenda 21.
Our children are being indoctrinated and dumbed down and most of us don’t even see it. I’ve seen, first hand, the Agenda 21 text in my daughter’s environmental science book as well as the indoctrination in my son’s third-grade homework. I’ve had friends bring me their kids’ homework as well only to realize that it, too, is indoctrination. Unfortunately, our teachers don't have a say in what they are forced to teach because this program is forced on them from the federal government and the U.N. So their hands are tied. We have great educators who want nothing more than to teach, but they are not allowed to under this curriculum. Most of them are too afraid to speak out against Common Core so is it not our responsibility to do so for the sake of our children and our country?
That brings me to my next point. After reading the text in my daughter’s environmental science textbook, I contacted our superintendent who responded to me saying that I needed to contact the state. That he, too, was concerned about the lack of control at the local level.
I then proceeded to contact the state to voice my concerns to which I never did get a response. When I attended this meeting in Warsaw, I didn’t know who all was going to be present. I realized who Rebecca Kubacki was when she interrupted the stated sequence of presentations to make clear to all of us in the room that we were not to contact her with our concerns. If we had issues with Common Core, we needed to contact our local school board and basically leave her alone. She stated, several times I might add, that her vote would be determined by “experts” and not her constituents who, by the way, voted her into office. Needless to say, I was floored at the arrogance of my elected official to tell me not to contact her and that she wasn't going to listen to my voice.
I waited patiently and listened intently to Mr. Moore and Ms. Tuttle and during the questions-and-comments part of the meeting, I not only addressed my concerns regarding Common Core and Agenda 21, but I also asked Ms. Kubacki to explain to me that if I cannot contact her, as was the advice of our superintendent, then what was I supposed to do? I asked this question repeatedly as she kept deflecting from it. I never did get an answer! Nor did I receive an apology for misspoken words as I felt this was and continues to be her view. I certainly didn’t feel the intention was to make her constituents feel as though she truly represents them.
So let me ask you, fellow citizens of District 22, what would you do? In our democratic society, or what we have left of it, we should be able to get an answer from our representative. Isn’t that what representative means? I take pride in the fact that I live in the greatest nation in the world where I can worship the God of our nation, raise my family, pursue freedom and liberty and take a stand against the intrusion of government in my life.  I ask you to join me in voting in the primary on May 6, 2014, for Curt Nisly, a representative who will listen to the voice of the constituents whom he will serve.
Rhonda Miller
Nappanee, via e-mail