Editor, Times-Union:
Common Core is a set of national education standards that would result in a national curriculum and national tests.
Our Indiana standards are superior to Common Core. Even if Common Core standards were good, I would be opposed to them because I want local control of education.
If you have an issue with your child’s textbook or curriculum, you should be able to voice your concern to a decision maker who cares what you think, someone like a teacher, principal, superintendent or a school board member.
A national board will not care about your concerns.
I wish State Rep. Rebecca Kubacki voted to stop Common Core. She not only did not vote to stop it, but voted against the pause.
I respect Rep. Kubacki who is a hard worker and who a year earlier supported business owners’ rights to decide what they would allow in their own establishments. At that time she stood with the people and against her party’s leadership.
I wish she would vote for smaller government on a more consistent basis.
Craig Nayrocker