Editor, Times-Union:
It’s no secret that our federal government is on a fiercely “progressive” path, taking every opportunity to undermine states’ rights, and seize liberties from individuals. The word “progressivism” is nothing more than a veil for communism. Therefore, it is imperative that “we, the people” wake up; stand up; and speak up when we notice any movement on the part of lawmakers to add to this insidious D.C. power-grab. One such issue would be the “Common Core” federal education initiative.
Let’s examine one of our state legislators, Representative Kathy Heuer (R) of District 83. While Representative Heuer is of good character; her voting record reflects she is a moderate but with a BIG exception. Representative Heuer voted NO on HEA 1427, the one-year pause that would allow Hoosiers sufficient time to study Common Core and allow citizens to give their input on adopting it.
The national movement to stop Common Core is gaining momentum and drawing those on the left, right and everyone in the middle together. Once considered a mere alignment of education standards, we now realize that many components of the Common Core lead us far away from the liberties and states’ rights promised to all Americans in our Constitution directly into a point where the federal government takes total control of the education of our children.
Therefore, I implore Representative Heuer and other Indiana lawmakers to reconsider their support of for Common Core.
Debra Zawlocki
South Whitley