Editor, Times-Union:
Terrific letter, Monica, and thank you for it.
Allow me to present a few personal choices before I dig into this so that my intentions are not misunderstood: I abhor Washington politicians, period. I am a 77-year-old business owner and an ex-lifetime Republican, ultra conservative, ultra patriotic, Constitutionalist, 99.9 percent anti-abortion, anti-lifetime unemployment benefits, anti-big banking, anti-conglomerate business, anti-conglomerate pharmaceuticals, anti-world police force and I’m damn sick and tired of government bureaucrats eroding my freedoms with every breath they take. Although I am a crotchety old goat, I prefer being referred to as a curmudgeon warrior because it sounds better.
Common Core is merely more liberal progressive, big government, big business intrusion into our educational system. I don't need to argue content even though what little I have seen seems to smell. Let’s face it. If it comes from government in today’s world, it can't be good! However, the issue here is not Common Core, but Mrs. Kubacki and others of her ilk that we elect to public office to express our views. Herein lies the problem, a problem much larger than Mrs. Kubacki.
We are a Constitutional Republic and as such we are doomed to fail for one simple reason: The moment the electorate realizes they can vote into office a person that will give them whatever they want greed takes over and common sense ceases to exist. Generally, the politician lives to be re-elected and will bribe constituents to get their vote. Those of us who pay attention are fully aware of the intentional creation of our increasingly dependent society. Schools are now caretakers. Government dictates what one may or may not purchase. Unemployment is becoming a career for many. Food stamps, rent subsidies, welfare, etc. Nearly half of the population is supported by the other half. The dependent half is rapidly growing, and when they vote their greeds this wonderful experiment as a Constitutional republic will fail.
Of course, politicians should listen to me! I am intelligent, somewhat knowledgeable of history, up on current events, conservative, believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the freedoms they afford me. However, I certainly do not want or expect Mrs. Kubacki or any other politician to listen to that mass of greedy ignorance that is growing by leaps and bounds. Therein lies the problem, eh? How do we get politicians to listen to all, but cast the correct vote? You are wrong, Mrs. Kubacki, to listen only to "experts" in education. They did not put you in office, I and others like me did and you had better listen to me or I will do my best to put you out of office. Incidentally, you are my representative to study and analyze the bills of which you are responsible to vote. That is your job! We have this colossal mess called Obamacare, in part, because worthless politicians listened to experts and did not read it!
Arnold Toynbee describes the “Cyclical Rise And Fall Of Nations” as thus: “Society rises to abundance through the diligence of individuals and descends to bondage through the diligence of government.”
This creates the following societal cycle: bondage to spiritual faith, spiritual faith to courage, courage to liberty, liberty to abundance, abundance to selfishness, selfishness to apathy, apathy to dependency (I believe this is our current position and King Obama strengthens my belief daily.), dependency to bondage.
Greg Smith
North Webster, via e-mail