Editor, Times-Union:
This is in response to Alexander Houze’s letter “Give To Charity!” I want to say that the article was very well put as I first hand know the need in doing our church pantry and when the holidays are over, the need isn’t.
We were asked if our fellowship hall could be used for indoor Mobile Pantry during the winter months to distribute food for those in need. Our pastor, Bob Brown, told Amanda from the Northern Indiana Food Bank, “Why absolutely” (not even thinking twice the cost to heat the fellowship hall during those cold months). He said the need is most greater during winter months due to high heat bills and people still need food, so yes we will help. He would go make sure the hall was nice and cozy for those who would come sometimes two hours prior to the giving. We still do this for the Food Bank.
We will be having a Mobile Pantry Tuesday from 10 a.m. to noon if anyone would like to come see how great the need in our community really is. You’re welcome to come visit, ask for me I will explain what we do!
Our church may be small in number but we are mighty through Jesus Christ who has supplied each need that may come for our church and food pantry. I like and hold to the verse in Luke 6-38, “Give and it shall be given unto you!” I urge each and everyone to help out those who help others as you will be blessed in giving. There are so many hurting people during the hard times of life and we can be the help and light they need!
If anyone would like information on our pantry you may call me at 574-267-4061. If you would like to help our pantry to continue to reach out to others in need, you may do so: God's Highway To Heaven Church, Judy Pennington, P.O. 574, Warsaw, IN 46581. Make any checks to the church, please!
We want to say thank you and God bless for those who have given to help our pantry may God richly bless you. Doesn't have to be us you help, just reach out as the article said and help a non-profit whomever it may be. God lays on your heart to help!
Judy Pennington
Warsaw, via e-mail