Editor, Times-Union:
A year or so ago I offered $1,000 to anyone who could show me where the Constitution of the U.S. contains a separation of church and state. It isn’t there.
Israel is not a religious state. The Jews, like the Indians, Russians, Chinese, etc., are a distinct group of people. There are dozens of churches of all kinds in Israel: Catholics, Protestants, many Mosques for the million and a half Muslims who live in Israel. Sirens blow several times daily calling Muslims and Palestinians to worship. They all have prayer rugs they kneel on and face Mecca. There are also synagogs for devout Jews.
You will not find this diversity in any of the countries in the Middle East. When the U.S. put 35,000 troops in Saudi Arabia to protect them from Saddam Hussein they were forbidden from bringing any Bible into the country lest it insult Muhammad. The stated goal of Muslim leaders is to kill Jews and Christians and to wipe Israel off the map.
We send over a billion dollars to Egypt every year, and countless millions to other Arab countries – they don’t seem very grateful.
There are several church groups such as Le Sea of South Bend, John Hagee and others who sponsor eight- to 10-day tours of Israel, food and lodging all paid for. The total cost is $3,000 to $4,000.
I am offering to pay the entire bill for Mr. Tom Metzger so he can tour this controversial country at my expense. He can visit with the many Palestinians living in Israel, visit Ramallah where Arafat is buried. First hand experience is the best way to learn. (No ham sandwiches.)
All he has to do is pick the group (all advertise on various church networks) and notify the Times-Union and I will pay for everything. Plus $500 spending money. I doubt if many people would turn such a vacation down.
Yes I have sent thousands of dollars to Jewish groups to get the Jews back to their ancient homeland.
I am well into my 91st year of life, I will be awaiting an answer.
George Plew