Editor, Times-Union:
The representative from District 22 has left my moral, conservative Christian views by the wayside. Four Republican representatives, including Rebecca Kubacki, voted against our rights to vote for amendment HJR6 (now called HJR3). It would have allowed the voters to say that we wanted marriage between one man and one woman.
Now we need to send a clear message to these representatives that we don’t agree with their vote. If we can’t vote in a state representative that will represent us accurately, how can we move upward to the next levels leading to the White House? Kubacki was elected because she campaigned for marriage between one man and one woman, and other fundamental views. When she was first elected, she strongly represented us. We need to let her know that since she has totally changed her opinions, she no longer represents us, and we should vote her out.
As my representative, I believe Rebecca Kubacki should answer the questions of the constituents in her district. I have a couple of questions for her, which I would love to have her answer. Why has she changed her position that took away my right to vote on marriage? Why has she so drastically changed from how she promised to represent us four years ago on other issues as well?
It is time to elect someone who will represent District 22 constituents. This is not about her control. We voted her in to do what we asked her to do, not to represent her personal desires.
Joe Morehead
Milford, via e-mail