Editor, Times-Union:
Now that Warsaw is going to require classes, permits and plan approval for keeping chickens, in fairness they need to do the same for dog owners.  Think of the revenue!
This is patently fowl discrimination against chickens! Some are worried that chickens in town will leave a smelly mess on their lawn.  I say let them run loose.  Why not,  some dogs run loose (or are let loose) and leave messes that are not picked up by their owner.  
Others are worried that chickens next door will make noise at all hours.  But why shouldn't they be allowed to cluck and crow? Dogs bark in town at all hours after all.  Can't you imagine the police reports of alarming, loud crowing of a rooster at 5 a.m.?  Or people huddled in their house calling 911 because of a marauding, "attack" chicken that just flew in?  Help!  Why chickens are more dangerous than pit bulls.
I guess we will soon see newspaper pictures of chickens up for adoption at the animal shelter also, since some chicken coop owners will follow the lead of dog owners and dump the few troublemaker chickens out on a quiet, country road somewhere. "Eats like a bird" the animal shelter caption will say, or "Quiet Clucker".
Warsaw, don't count your chickens before they hatch.  This is a serious police, crime and SWAT team problem.
Rick Wagner
Pierceton, via email