Editor, Times-Union:
In his letter published April 12, 2013, Mr. Houze is so very correct. There are a number of local charities which do wonderful deeds, including those mentioned by him. We should all consider giving to those less fortunate than us in order to maintain that “social safety net” he mentioned.
There is a local charity which was not mentioned, which is the epitome of the local safety net. That charity is the Kosciusko County Cancer Care Fund. Many county residents may be unaware of its existence, purpose and method of operation. I would like to provide that information so that donors can make a well-informed decision on charitable donations.
KCCCF has existed for about 20 years and is totally run by volunteers. Its purpose is to raise funds to provide financial aid for individuals who are fighting cancer and their families. Many victims of cancer lose their income and face both the inability to pay for their treatment and to pay their normal living expenses.
This is where KCCCF comes to the fore by paying certain expenses such as mortgage payments, health insurance premiums, travel expenses to treatment sessions (chemotherapy and radiation, etc) wigs and many other types of expenses that are not covered by insurance.
A very important point to be understood is that KCCCF has no administrative cost and nearly 100 percent of the contributions go to eligible Kosciusko residents only, unlike many national charities which are top heavy with administrative expenses. K-21 handles the money for KCCCF at no charge, but is not part of KCCCF and does not give money to KCCCF. Over the years, KCCCF has raised close to $3,000,000 and the only costs are the expenses of the fundraiser. The rest goes for the benefit of local cancer victims and their families.
You can help your seriously needy neighbors by mailing your check to KCCCF, P.O. Box 1810, Warsaw, IN 46581.
Dick Green
Syracuse, via e-mail