Editor, Times-Union:
With the primary election approaching, the people of Indiana (specifically the 22nd District) need to know a few things about our current State Representative Rebecca Kubacki and why it’s time for a change.
Mrs. Kubacki has proven time and again that she is a Republican in name only (aka RINO).
Here are just a few facts about her liberal voting record that everyone in our district, which includes Nappanee, Milford, Syracuse, North Webster and Warsaw, need to know:
1. She voted against the Common Core pause.
2. She authored a bill to give illegal aliens in-state tuition.
3. She voted to regulate church ministries, meaning that sermons on a variety of sins could be considered a hate crime (my pastor has warned us from the pulpit of this very thing happening).
4. She voted against traditional marriage.
5. She voted against parental rights.
6. She voted to strip the Second Amendment bill, criminalizing law-abiding citizens.
7. She wants to require Hoosiers to see a doctor for simple over-the-counter cold medicines.
When confronted of her transgressions, she prefers to lash out at those she represents (aka her employers), or simply ignore them altogether. How would that work if any of us lashed out at our boss when confronted about not doing the job we were hired to do?
Several pastors have tried to contact her and arrange meetings to discuss some of her voting practices. She’ll not give them the time of day. Mrs. Kubacki simply has the attitude that she is above all of us, our thoughts don’t matter, and we’ll just vote her in again simply because she is an established Republican. How sad is that?
To her credit it is impressive that the daughter of migrant workers who moved to Pierceton as a little girl was able to realize the American Dream, graduating from Indiana University and becoming the first Hispanic woman to ever serve in the Indiana State House. That said, her liberal upbringing could explain why her political beliefs tend to lean left of center. She is clearly showing her approval of the Obama agenda with every vote cast in the State House. We all know by now how his “grand plan” is working out for all of us, right?
We’ve seen this before in this area, a liberal who wants to get elected will register as a Republican just because they know they’ll get the votes necessary to obtain their goal. This practice has got to stop, and the time to act is now!
Curt Nisly is a fine Christian man who believes in putting our Lord and Savior first in his life, and leading by that example. Mr. Nisly will work very hard for the core beliefs that have made this country great and will actually listen to the people who elect him so that they are truly represented at the State House. What Mr. Nisly won’t do is cater to special interest as others before him have done. This sort of thing may be acceptable in Indiana politics, but it leaves a scar that won’t heal over the citizens who have to suffer the consequences of these practices. It is up to all of us to stand up and tell those we employ that we’ve had enough. And that movement needs to start on May 6 during the primary elections.
As one of those employers, my vote will be to fire Mrs. Kubacki and allow her to return to the private sector. It’s time to vote for Mr. Curt Nisly so that our voice at the State House will actually be heard. I sincerely hope the majority of my fellow Republicans in our district agree to do the same.
Steve Peach