Editor, Times-Union:
In response to Mark Dobson’s clarification on the chamber’s involvement, I have a few comments and questions for Mr. Dobson.
How about encouraging the chamber’s affiliate, the Indiana Business for Responsive Government, to reach out and make amends for their vicious attacks? The despicable fliers they sent out attacking Curt Nisly were most atrocious, misleading and unwarranted. Perhaps the outreach should start with them.
I find it ironic that you call for Curt to reach out when they attacked him. For reconciliation to take place, one has to acknowledge their responsibility in the situation at hand.
Furthermore, what “issues” do you collaborate with the U.S. Chamber on and what “resources” do you share? That’s the question I would like to know. Seems to me the chamber has its own motives.  
Rhonda Miller
Nappanee, via email