Editor, Times-Union:
After I read Mark Dobson’s letter to the editor May 7 in the Times-Union, I felt it was only proper to respond in kind.
Here are the four observations that I see.
#1. Thank you, Mr. Dobson, for clarifying to all of us where you say the Warsaw/Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce stands.
Only issue I see is, why wasn’t your letter of clarification put out before or during all this “election trash” was sent to our mail boxes?
#2. Mr. Dobson, you said the Warsaw/Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce does not endorse or get involved in election campaigns. Really? Why is it then at town hall meetings you step in and not allow debate on votes representatives have made?
One even better: Why then did you, at your Warsaw/Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce Meet the Candidates Night, ask very one-sided questions to the point you questioned on false information of an endorsement?
#3. I find it hard to really believe all the chambers are not connected. You said, “We collaborate with both on issues of commonality.” Sounds to me you’re all in it together.
#4. Finally, you, Mr. Dobson, said it was the job of Tuesday’s winner to heal the district. I ask you who caused the pain? Who asked the falsified questions? Who protected who? Oh, one more, sir. Who sent out all the falsified mailers to try and destroy the character of a man just wanting to serve?
So in summary:
I believe it should be the job of the Indiana State Chamber and their PAC Indiana Business for Responsive Government, the Warsaw/Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce alone, with help from Rep. Kubacki’s campaign, to heal the wounds of the district.
A public apology would be a great start along with taking responsibility for all your wrongdoing to the voters of HD22.
 Mr. Dobson, you’re a man of great character yourself, so I know you understand how and why this is what District 22 needs.
Just a view from the sidelines.
George A. Dockery
Larwill, via email