Editor, Times-Union:
“You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.” – Albert Camus.
I had the opportunity to attend the Judicial Candidates Forum sponsored by the Kosciusko County Bar Association and the Warsaw/Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce to learn more about the candidates for Superior Court 1 and 2. There are three candidates for each court.
In listening to their responses over almost two hours of questioning, I concluded the only two with substantial courtroom experience in both civil and criminal law were Torrey Bauer and David Cates. Had there been an exit poll I would think David Cates and Torrey Bauer would have been declared the winners.  Both exhibited a real passion for this opportunity to be a judge in Kosciusko County.
Both of these men have earned and deserve your vote on May 6th in the Republican primary as they have obtained the experience necessary to be effective judges in our county.
Neil Donahoe
Milford, via e-mail