Editor, Times-Union:
As I follow the coverage of the three candidates for Kosciusko County Superior Court 1, I am struck by their differing experience levels. One candidate, it seems, stands well above the rest. 
While all three men appear to be capable and trustworthy, it is David Cates’ broad experience that I believe makes him the most qualified for the job. He has been serving as the Wawasee School Corporation attorney for the past 20 years and also has served the Kosciusko County Board of Realtors and our local fire departments. All of this, in addition to operating a private practice and doing extensive civic service.
He is known to be an honorable man and is very well respected. Most importantly, Cates has considerable trial and courtroom experience, and he is the only candidate that has actually served as judge.
Ultimately, I trust that David Cates will judiciously serve our community if we demonstrate the wisdom to vote him to the bench of Kosciusko County Superior Court 1. We might have three options for judge, but there is only one clear choice: David Cates.
Heidi Beer-Rozow
Kosciusko County, via email