Editor, Times-Union:
David Cates is head and shoulders above the rest in courtroom experience for Kosciusko Superior Court 1.
As a lifetime resident of Kosciusko County, I have experienced many situations throughout my lifetime that have an effect on the community. I have served on non-profit boards, am active in my local church, and have raised my children here. My concern for Kosciusko County is that some may be looking to vote for a judge because they are a “nice guy” or because of their “family’s good reputation.” I urge everyone voting in the 2014 primary to look at the real qualifications when voting for a judge in Kosciusko Superior Court 1.
After researching, I found that there are very clear distinctions between the candidates, and that is experience in the courtroom. David Cates brings more than three times trial and courtroom experience than his opponents combined – and we are talking about 100s more, not just a few. While all the candidates for Superior Court 1 are “good guys,” only one stands head and shoulders above the rest with his years of experience, traditional values and community involvement.
Cindy Taylor
Kosciusko County, via email