Editor, Times-Union:
Last week, CNN.com ran a lead article for several days exposing the 50 worst charities for funds raised versus funds used for the purpose the charity was created. Anderson Cooper 360 also highlighted the bad organizations. Administrative costs ran as high as 85 percent. I couldn’t help thinking, “I wish CNN would take that down. It’s such a negative against charitable giving.” As a volunteer fundraiser for a local charity, I know the difficulty of trying to raise funds and how skeptical people are about donating, especially when they are not familiar with the charitable organization.
That is why I feel compelled to write about the Cancer Care Fund of Kosciusko County. This local charity financially supports victims and their families as they fight their battle with cancer. It is only available to residents of Kosciusko County and offers direct cash payments for such expenses as mortgage and rent, utilities, auto expenses, travel expenses, prescriptions, wigs and other expenses that patients and their families deal with during their battle with cancer.
One hundred percent of all net funds generated through our fundraising efforts are made available for payments of patient’s expenses. That’s right… 100 percent of all net funds raised are given back to residents of our community while they fight their disease. The CCF team of volunteers put on events like the Idol Nite program at the Wagon Wheel Theater, “Cocktails for Cancer” at The Oakwood Resort and the Gala at Tippecanoe Lake Country Club. I am involved with the golf fundraiser that will be played on Sept. 9 at Tippecanoe Lake Country Club. There are also independent groups that do fundraisers and donate the money they raise to the CCF and individuals who make memorials and special gifts in the name of loved ones. The point is, only fundraising efforts by volunteers provide the actual money that gets disbursed back into our community through the K21 Health Foundation.
Since this fund was established almost 20 years ago, more than $2.5 million have been paid out to over 850 patients from all corners of Kosciusko County. Many of the volunteer fundraisers have been donating their time for this cause since the fund was started. The stories we hear from grateful cancer survivors and the families of cancer victims just fuels our passion for raising as much as we can for our local community.
Without the support of our corporate sponsors and the businesses and individuals that donate auction gifts, hole sponsorships and give straight cash donations, we would not be able to offer the much needed financial assistance to our friends and neighbors. Is there anyone today that hasn’t had their lives touched by cancer? We ask our community to stand up and support a local charity that gives back 100 percent to its own residents, as they fight a brutal battle against cancer. To make a donation to the Cancer Care Fund of Kosciusko County, contact the K21 Health Foundation for information. We need your help!
Ron Smock, CCF Golf Fundraiser
Syracuse, via e-mail