Editor, Times-Union:
The Indiana Business for Responsive Government (IBRG), also known as the State Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee, continues to attack Curt Nisly in his bid for Indiana House Seat 22. Recently at least five mailers have been distributed by this Political Action Committee. The last two attack Curt for directly receiving $15,000 from the conservative Indiana Lunch Pail Republicans Political Action Committee (LPR). As treasurer for Curt’s campaign I confirm the receipt of that amount.
Now let me share with you the facts from each of the campaign’s April 11, 2014, pre-election CFA-4 Report. Curt’s campaign received cash and in-kind donations during this reporting period of $27,266.72; $15,000 was received from the LPR representing 55 percent of his support. Ninety-six individuals living in the immediate area contributed $12,266.72, or 45 percent of his support. Each individual’s average support is $126.46.
Rebecca Kubacki received $32,220.12 in the same period. Six individuals contributed $3,370.29, or 10 percent of her total support. Only three of her contributors live in the immediate area. The average individual contribution amounted to $561.72. Seven PACs or committees contributed $28,849.83, or 90 percent of her support. Of that $28,849.83 the same PAC that accused Curt of accepting $15,000 donated $16,749.83 to Kubacki. That’s right, the IBRG contributed $1,749.83 more to Kubacki than LPR gave Curt Nisly.
In addition to this direct and in-kind contribution to Kubacki, the IBRG has produced and mailed at least five fliers attacking Curt. The cost of producing and mailing these fliers runs into many thousands of dollars. These expenses are not reported in the CFA – 4 Report and are in addition to the $16,749.83 the IBRG reported.
The source of this information is available online from the Indiana Election Division. The actual reports as of this writing have not been loaded onto the website but can be obtained by calling 317-232-3939. Facts are a stubborn thing to deal with and these are the financial facts in this election. Who has received more from the Political Action Committees? Mrs. Kubacki. Who has received a larger contribution from one Political Action Committee? Mrs. Kubacki. Who has been supported more by the individuals that can vote in this election? Mr. Nisly.
Choose wisely and vote Curt Nisly on May 6.
John Elliott
Winona Lake, via email