Editor, Times-Union:
It is time for Kosciusko County to take action against Confined Animal Feeding Operations. We have an area farmer trying to put in four, 4,000 pig CAFO buildings withing a few miles of each other and, more importantly, right in the backyard of many homes, near a lake and businesses. Besides the awful stench involved with these operations, the air quality will be terrible and will carry in the wind, for miles around.
If you doubt any of these statements, Google CAFO+Impact you will get the facts. Besides the disease of MRSA being common in pigs and the workers, the manure laced with chemicals and antibiotics will be invading our wells, streams, lakes and rivers. Our wildlife is at risk, our clean water is at risk and so are all of the people who must endure such a travesty.
There will be some public meetings as these farmers try to get their permits. Please attend for the good our our generation and future generations to come. Watch the Times-Union for any legal announcements.
Because some farmers want to only see the dollar signs, the rest of us must watch for the signs of pollution and suffer. We still have good traditional farmers in this county. Please support their efforts.
Marjorie Vance
Claypool, via e-mail