Editor, Times-Union:
Propaganda abounds when it comes to CFO and CAFO owners or prospective owners trying to convince the unsuspecting public that all is well with the ugly business. The sole purpose for anyone to engage in these practices is greed for more money, no matter who pays the price. Never mind that your air quality will be compromised or your water table used up. Don't even think of trying to protect our rivers and lakes from run off from factory farm pollution. Just grin and bear it when a farmer stages excess manure right next to you, not for the allowed ninety days but for up to six months. Meanwhile, the stench attracts flies by the hundreds and other vermin. Recently, the recipient of a letter from a prospective CFO builder asked some key questions and was told that the manure would not stink! This CFO owner will make millions if he can patent that kind of manure.
Politics, as usual, has always been the norm for Kosciusko County. The White House has nothing on us. We have local people who make sure they get elected to strategic boards so they can be sure the politics will never compromise their own agenda.
Farmers, in the past, have been known for being very good and accommodating neighbors. We certainly need the right kind of farmer, in this day and age. He needs to be very cognizant of conservation practices and of the hazards of environmental pollution. Those of us who are small potatoes, when it come to being farmers, are being trampled under by Big Ag and all of the people who back them. If we raise a voice against these practices, we pay the price. How much are you willing to pay? Will you willingly pay for extra road repair that the feed trucks, stock trucks and manure trucks cause? Will you compromise your children's and grand children's future? Will you gladly eat the inferior products of these CFOS and CAFOS? Will you contract a disease that antibiotics will be useless against because your food is laced with the antibiotic?
Marjorie Vance
Claypool, via email