Editor, Times-Union:
No, this is not a typo. The hoards of illegals pouring over our border with Mexico constitute a militant invasion by the Mexican government as it continues to undermine America’s sovereignty.
What has long been a very profitable arrangement with the crime syndicates and the drug cartels guaranteeing them unimpeded access to our long and porous borders has now been ramped up tremendously. Their complicant activities are now taking advantage of the incredible opportunities being promoted by the Obama administration.
For example:
• The release of thousands of illegals including violent offenders onto America’s streets in order to “relieve prison overcrowding.”
• The Dream Act, Stealt Amnesty, and Fast-Track promotional publicity.
• Full welfare benefits with no questions asked.
• Spanish language translations for government services making them easier to access without the need to ever learn English.
Meanwhile, Mexico continues to imprison an American war hero for nearly seven months after he made a wrong turn at their border which was under construction and detours were taken down. Instead of turning him away at the border they chose to place him under arrest and took him deeper into Mexico where he remains. This single incident shows how scared Mexico considers their side of the border while defiantly violating America’s border. Mexico’s own army has been seen and photographed while aiding drug runners and cartel coyotes in smuggling drugs, sex slaves and “paid-up illegals,” often including foreign terrorists, across our border.
The Obama administration continues to promote and support the illegals’ causes while vigorously castigating any opposition from border state governors demanding stricter intervention. This has emboldened Mexico’s criminal activists to launch an even more lucrative assault. Now they have relaxed their sacred southern borders to allow train loads of “paying illegals,” including terrorists to take advantage of Mexico’s sanctioned coyote programs guaranteeing safe, direct passage, past Mexican intervention, directly across the most vulnerable areas of our border.
Not only has the increased activity overwhelmed our limited border resources, our president has declared the recent invasion of thousands of children to be “humanitarian crisis.” He has therefore mandated that “maximum attention” be focused on the crisis. Consequently, minimum attention will be available on the remaining border, increasing activity and yielding even bigger pay-offs for those corrupt Mexican officials playing the game.
How long will these manipulated invaders get to “board” at taxpayers’ expense? Mr. President, will your nearly $2 billion request cover all their expenses? Will a bill be sent to Mexico? This is an example of “crony capitalism” at its best. Hey, Washington, “don’t let this good crisis go to waste.”
Don Correira