Editor, Times-Union:
For years (31) I have read letters. In my opinion I really like the way Melba Smith put it. Those who believe in gay marriage have not read their Bibles.
For the Bible says that from the very beginning God made man and woman. He made woman out of the side of the man, Adam not the side of Eve. So that meant there was a man and a woman, not man and man, or woman and woman.
Second, if there were two men or two women how would there be any children? There would not be any. Two men can’t have a baby and two women can not have a baby. So since they can’t, what do they do? Go and adopt a child to raise him/her in a disfunctional lifestyle. Two men and two women as mother and father.
Third, they blame God for the choices they make. Saying they had these feelings when they were born. God doesn’t make any mistakes. If you read your Bible you would see that God has us on his mind before the world began. You would see what a great God He is and no He doesn’t make any mistakes.
Fourth, there was a news article on TV about a minister who put on his church sign saying “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” A neighbor called him and said he was offended by the sign so he took it down. What does this minister believe? He should stand his ground. He was only saying what the Bible says.
Fifth, the gist of it all is God will have the last say and I would not want to be in any of their shoes when that time comes.
Thank you for reading this.
Constance Banks