Editor, Times-Union:
Please forgive the poor handwriting as I am a 91-year-old lady. History was my forte in school. At that time, I cared little for cursive.
April 10, 1945, Warsaw lost a great humanitarian, physician and a great asset to Warsaw and surrounding area.
His name was Dr. S.C. Murphy. In his will, the thing I remember specifically was he bequeathed a set of bells, which were installed in the First Christian Church. There it was located at the corner of Lake and Main streets in Warsaw. Now the building still remains, but is business offices.
The bells were installed in the style of the building. Many attempts were made to find someone in the area who could play the bells. The organ was attached to the bells who could play the instruments, but to no avail thus the bells have laid idle to this day.
Is there some way the bells could be retrieved or will they oxidize and rust so the memory of the bells will be forgotten?
Please, Mr. Gerard, would you publish the bit of history of the bells and maybe some kind-hearted soul would finance the retrieval of the bells? I was baptized in the baptizing in that building as were a lot of older members of the Christian church so I do have an interest in this subject.
I am an avid reader of your Saturday column printed in the Times-Union.
Hoping that you will find this of interest to you I remain yours truly.
P.S. The original bell is mounted on top of the building.
Virginia King