Editor, Times-Union:
This letter is in response to the supporter of Rebecca Kubacki. Like this supporter, I too have not been politically active before, but find myself getting more involved because of the voting decisions of Ms. Kubacki.
On Common Core, she voted against the pause on Common Core last year (HB1427). Once the Chamber of Commerce suddenly switched their stance from pro Common Core to against Common Core, Ms. Kubacki switched as well. The concern is that it will return renamed and rebranded as other states have done. If you’re not following this issue, it’s the federal overreach into our children’s education pushed through with bribe money called Title 1 funding. I encourage you to do the research and see for yourself. The links this also has to the UN is stunning. As a dad, this scares me.
On marriage issue, Ms. Kubacki claimed to stand for marriage when she was first elected and even voted for it the first round. This year, she claimed she didn’t want to amend our constitution and didn’t want Hoosiers to vote on the issue; hence her vote against HJR6. Because of her vote, Indiana will be left vulnerable to lawsuits and judicial activism. By the way, such suits were filed within days of the marriage defeat. Ironically, she did vote to amend the constitution for hunting and fishing. Now I’m not an anti-outdoorsman, but do feel that marriage should have been a more important issue to amend the Constitution for. As a Christian, I would assume that you would agree with that.
Ms. Kubacki also proudly co-sponsored a bill regulating church daycares. Again, as a fellow Christian, I would suspect that you might have an alarm going off. Will this allow for further intrusion into churches in the near future? Where does the overreach end? With government … it doesn’t.
On tuition for illegals, Ms. Kubacki proudly sponsored SB207 giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens. This same bill made it more difficult for our veterans to get assistance than illegal aliens? Shouldn’t the men and women who’ve fought for the freedoms and liberties of our great country have better treatment than illegals?
On the Second Amendment issue, Ms. Kubacki voted against defending it leaving many people wondering … why?
Pseudoephedrine is another issue for Ms. Kubacki. She authored a bill making this a prescription drug requiring us to get see a doctor for a simple cold. I wonder how that will work with Obamacare?
As you ponder this voting record that I’ve outlined for you, I certainly hope that these issues raise some questions about the people you want to send to our statehouse to represent you, your family and your business. Rebecca Kubacki listens to her “experts” on making her decisions. I certainly hope that your “experts” are more informed than she is. As a Kosciusko County resident, a dad and someone new on the political front, I certainly am watching who I send to represent my conservative Christian values.
Jeff Miller
Nappanee, via e-mail