Editor, Times-Union:
At the helm of the local animal shelter is an awesome lady by the name of Darla McCammon. I have been involved there in one way or another since she took it over and many are the changes she has put in place to improve the place so as Thanksgiving approaches she is someone I have come to admire. My love for animals goes back to being born and raised on a farm in Kosciusko County. Her dream is to be able to build a new shelter somewhere down the line.
I am continuing my education through some part-time employment there. It is a job I am grateful to have and allows me to use some of my skills to contribute something positive to the community in which I am now living.
Like many other government agencies, the funding for the shelter has been cut so she is constantly trying to come up with new ways to perhaps be able to fund the care of a pet population that is abandoned.
If you ever want a pet, I would suggest checking into giving a dog or cat from there a forever home. The unconditional love you will receive in return makes doing that worthwhile at least to this farmer’s daughter and widow.
We open Tuesday through Saturday at 11:30 a.m., Tuesday and Wednesday they stay open til 5 p.m., Thursday and Friday til 6 p.m. and Saturday til 4 p.m. Sunday and Monday we close to do extensive cleaning and care of the animals housed there.
They can always use people who would want to volunteer. You can call the shelter at 574-267-3008. We do not have enough staff to go pick up strays. There are two Animal Control Officers who must do that.
Jerry Clase 574-267-5667 for outside town, Mike Cox 574-372-9511 Winona Lake and Warsaw.
These men have specially-equipped vehicles in which to transport animals to us where we take over their care, trying to find their owner or a good home for them.
I know also without the public’s help we could not do what we do so God bless all who help.
Kay E. Michael