Editor, Times-Union:
I read wild accusations in the Times-Union last week against Kosciusko Commissioner Robert Conley,  a man of excellent reputation.  The Friday newspaper article attributed the following words to a man who wants Conley’s commissioner’s  job, telling his supporters “... Satan has used him in the past to tear Katye and I down and apart.”  
When I read or hear of such words, then I realize that a person who might so accuse another is not the sort of person I could vote for, to govern others, since he cannot govern himself. And why would such a person respect the law when he disrespects his fellow man?
Having known Mr.  Conley for over 25 years, I find him to be pretty old-fashioned in the areas of good character and hard work.  His word is good.  As a county commissioner, I have contacted Robert Conley for matters of importance to my family and those matters were handled on every occasion with concern and timeliness.  And he didn’t sugar coat the outcome when a matter wasn’t to my liking.  
But don’t we  get enough of dirty politics at the state and national level?  The State Legislature changed our clocks and is capable of taxing families right out of their homes to fund new laws because no one can stop them.  Who said Republicans, now in charge in Indy, are in fact conservative?
Innocent-sounding pilot programs like preschool will blossom (as other so-called pilot programs do) into mandatory preschool, which means more government intrusion into the family, and higher property taxes will follow to pay for it, like it or not.  With regard to yet more new Indiana laws, as Groucho Marx once said, “Whatever it is, I’m against it.”
Nationally, the U.S. Congress intends to finish bankrupting us as a nation, and soon.  Who can stop them?  So can we at least field candidates here for local public office without mud slinging and character assassination?   
Rick Wagner
Pierceton, via email