Editor, Times-Union:
This coming Thursday, June 12, Kosciusko County Council is voting on the new tire tax and vehicle surcharge fee for all county residents. I understand 40-some other counties already pay this tax, but they are also paying a lot higher fees to renew their registrations on all there vehicles and tractors. Being the only income in a family home that makes it harder for me to afford renewing registrations on three vehicles.
The county thinks we are ready to accept having to pay higher fees because they have miscalculated at their job and gotten 4 million over budget by 2016. They should have considered that before throwing thousands and thousands of dollars at a new bike path and a new walk path. We are already looking at maximum state allowable for property taxes, $0.0333 on the $100, sewage bills being hiked, and new EPA regulations will hurt all of our energy bills. We don't need one more nail in the coffin of the middle class.
If this new tire tax goes unopposed on the 12th it will go through. The council members want to hear public opinion, so let’s let them hear it. Tell them “vote no” on the new tire tax and vehicle surcharge fee!
Justin Risner
Warsaw, via email