Editor, Times-Union:
I see so many of you speaking out against the corruption and socialism that is being pushed through our country and its government. My question is, are you willing to do something about it? If not, this is not for you, and I ask that you quit complaining. For those of you who are willing to stand up for your rights and protect our country, I am always thrilled to see you aren’t blinded by national media. Mass media equals mind control.
What are your thoughts on the new fast-rail train they are trying to push through Warsaw? Will it raise our taxes? Will it bring higher crime rate and more drugs into our town? Will we have to give up our rights as citizens? Will it push people out of suburbs and into cities? The city council can’t answer any of these questions truthfully because they don’t know either. My strong opinion is “Yes!” Our taxes will be used to fund this project but we don’t get a vote on it. Our city officials will decide for us what we want.
How about Mayor Joe Thallemer’s new “comprehensive plan”? A blueprint for the sustainable growth of the city of Warsaw over the next five to 10 years. Sustainable growth. Restrictions on energy use and O2 emissions just to name a few.  In order for this to ever work we will have to give up even more rights. “Alleyway plan” is a perfect example. We will no longer be able to access alleys with vehicles if it gets pushed through.  Once you let them take one right, they won’t stop. Personally, I don’t want another South Bend or Fort Wayne. We already hear enough about violence from them as it is.
If you want your children to be able to grow up and enjoy the same city that you once enjoyed, you have to be present visually and vocally. You have the vocal part down. Go to city council meetings. We don’t get to vote on fast rail and comprehensive and alleyway plans. We don’t get to vote on where our tax dollars should be allocated. City council decides for us. They meet every other Monday at 7 p.m. at city hall. I encourage all to be present, be vocal. Let them know where there votes should go. Only you can help US save this city we once loved. Fight big government locally first. Thank you for your time.
Justin Risner
Warsaw, via email