Editor, Times-Union:
Like many, I have not been politically active. When learning about the Freedom Briefing to be held March 31, I decided to attend. I was surprised by what I learned. This year Indiana had a chance to protect marriage. Instead, we fumbled the ball with the help of my representative.
My heart was crushed as I listened to Eric Miller present the facts and votes that happened during the General Assembly.  Miller indicated each representative had to decide whether the people of Indiana would have the right to vote on an amendment to the Indiana Constitution. That vote would define marriage between one man and one woman. My representative voted against permitting me the right to vote on this amendment.
At this point, I was on the edge of my seat. As Miller continued, he read from a Chamber of Commerce town hall meeting transcript where Kubacki explained her vote. Miller described the legislative process of the vote on this amendment. Somehow Kubacki’s explanation did not match up to her recorded House voting record that was provided to me.
I was stunned. My representative assumed once I voted for her, I would not pay attention to her votes nor remember her telling us she would support the marriage amendment. My wife and I thank God for people like Eric and those in our community who are fighting for people like me. Unfortunately, my representative is not.
After the meeting, I decided to choose wisely and vote for Curt Nisly.
Doug Page
Claypool, via e-mail