Editor, Times-Union:
I wish to thank area State Sen. Ryan Mishler and the other state senators who voted in the majority to protect traditional marriage this past week. In my view, they made the best of an unfortunate situation.
My heart remains heavy over the action by the State House last month to weaken HJR3, the Marriage Amendment, by removing the second sentence from the measure. Area Reps. Rebecca Kubacki and Kathy Heuer were key players in this effort to remove the second sentence, which prevents us Hoosiers from being able to vote on the Marriage Amendment this fall. Kubacki and Heuer even voted against the final bill, after their successful effort to weaken it.
The news in the House was not all bad. Several area legislators stood tall in defense of traditional marriage, including Reps. Dave Wolkins, Tim Harman, David Ober, Wes Culver and Tim Wesco.
Over in the Senate, supporters of the Marriage Amendment faced a tough decision. Since the House would not support the full measure, the Senate passed the one-sentence version of HJR3 which had been approved by the House.
Hoosiers will now have to wait until 2016 to have another chance at approving the Marriage Amendment on the fall ballot.  However, the action by the State Senate has kept HJR3 alive.
The bill will need to be passed again, in the exact same form, by the State Legislature in 2015 or 2016. At that point, Hoosiers would finally have their say on the Marriage Amendment in the fall of 2016.
Gilbert Hawkins
Warsaw, via e-mail