Editor, Times-Union:
If you’re an undecided voter for president, I’d encourage you to watch the “2016: Obama’s America” movie. This movie is with Obama’s own words.
Kosciusko Silent NO More will be showing it at North Pointe Fellowship (across from North Pointe Cinema), 1250 Husky Trail, Tuesday at 7 p.m. Child care will be provided.
Also, concerning Richard Mourdock, let’s use common sense. Sometimes everyone has words that don’t come out as we planned (Joe Biden knows this well). Let’s move on, it’s about getting the Senate out of Harry Reid’s control. Harry hasn’t brought a budget to the floor in three years. Joe Donnelly will help this agenda as well as voting third party. Give Richard a try for six years. If he’s not what Indiana wants, it will be time for someone else.
Teresa Martin
Silver Lake, via e-mail