Editor, Times-Union:
Just loved the idiotic article from Scripps Howard, “Troubled” 9/18/13. Once again blaming the NRA and law abiding citizens for the acts of a lunatic.
Alexis had no criminal record or any problems that would have shown up on his background check so the FBI had no reason to stop his purchase.
He did not buy the weapon at a gun show or from a private individual. He bought it from a gun dealer and passed the required background check.
He did not buy a “heavy-caliber semi-automatic weapon.” He bought a very common 870 Remington shotgun.
It appears this garbage was written before the facts were known or the Scripps Howard idiot was just spouting his anti-gun opinion. Either way by 9/18 the facts were known and this junk should have been in the shredder.
Harold Kitson