Editor, Times-Union:
We, at Kosciusko Silent NO More, stand with millions of Americans in opposition to an engagement in the Syrian Civil War.
While we recognize the great humanitarian loss that is the cost of any war, it is the responsibility of citizens, not governments, to supply aid. The responsibility of the United States government is to provide for the defense of America when our freedoms are being clearly threatened. We do not believe this is the case in Syria.
We further believe it would not be in America’s best interests to supply aid or arms to those who have been our enemies in the past and persist in their opposition to America and American ideals in the present. Simply stated, there are no good guys in this situation, with both sides having ties with terrorist organizations. Al Qaeda and Hamas.
 We are also concerned that there seems to be no clear goal or strategy from the White House in this action. In a time of great economic uncertainty in the United States, as well as the world, we feel that beginning a war with an indeterminate dollar sign attached is not the right choice for America.
For these reasons, Kosciusko Silent NO More opposes any engagement in the Syrian Civil War and encourages you to call your Congressman and Senator to ask them to vote NO to any action at 202-224-3121.
Monica Boyer
President, Kosciusko Silent NO More
Warsaw, via e-mail