Editor, Times-Union:
We have all heard our president called lots of names since he was elected. Since one of my “gifts” seems to be “discernment” I have tried to “observe” and “listen.” Here’s my “take.”
Public speaking seems to be his No. 1 “gift.” But it does not take a long memory for millions of us to question the veracity/sincerity of much that he says with his talented speaking. Memory of what he said/promised last week/month slips from his memory bank so slick and fast that most of us are shocked by his forgetfulness. He seemed so honest and sincere when he looked the nation/world in the face and made promises millions of us normal, innocent people wanted to hear – and will remember for a long time.
So, besides having a seriously abnormal memory problem, he seemed to have flunked math when we went to school. Most of us can think in terms of hundreds, thousands, and some of us can think in terms of a million. But billions and trillions ... well, in math and figures, our dear president seems to be completely lost.
I just turned 91 last month, which means I was born in 1922. That means I was 7 in 1929 when the “Great Depression” hit us. We grew up on a farm in Georgia. My rather wealthy maternal grandpa gave each of his 13 children a farm for wedding gifts. Yes, we all worked on that farm.
So, we had no big problems. But my 10 sisters and I had to be fed and clothed. And we all needed schooling. Mother was a good cook and a good seamstress. And Dad was a good carpenter/farmer.
Yes, we all had to work. But we all had clothes. And shoes, even. (At least one pair each, in the fall, when we sold the first bale of cotton). So, what a bunch of happy memories.
Guess I better close this little note down, or our dear, patient editor may not publish this.
John R. Boggs
Winona Lake