Editor, Times-Union:
This weekend I read several articles where the Kubacki campaign stated they had never seen such a hateful campaign, even calling Nisly supporters “unchristian.”
Since she brought it up, let’s have a conversation about some facts. The fact is, every lawmaker is accountable to their constituents and must come home to face those constituents. These lawmakers bring with them a document called a “roll call.” Here in District 22, we are blessed with citizens who watch roll call records and don’t simply send their lawmaker to Indy without accountability. Let me remind you of just a few facts as we head toward the May 6 election.
HB 1427: Kubacki voted against the Common Core Pause in 2013. Her constituents didn’t get a voice in this, as she only asked the experts. (Her words not mine.)
SB207: Kubacki led the effort to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens, making it more difficult for veterans to get assistance than illegal aliens.
Kubacki sponsored SB305 in 2013: Giving FSSA massive authority to harm church childcare ministries including the power to close the church ministry without a court order.
Kubacki voted for an amendment to strip SB229 of language that would protect law-abiding gun owners on school property. Last year she was endorsed by the NRA. I checked this year, … NO endorsement.
SB50: Kubacki voted to ban teenagers from using a tanning bed, usurping parental rights. This vote makes her comment to the Journal Gazette where she stated she was “going to be the mother of Indiana” make complete sense. http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20140119/LOCAL/301199949
Marriage: HJR3. Kubacki voted not only once, but twice to deny Hoosiers the right to vote on the definition of marriage between one man and one woman. She came back to the district hoping you were not paying attention and gave a couple of very creative stories about why she did it. She stated she did not know the second sentence was in the bill in 2011. What she didn’t tell you was that she voted on a separate amendment to keep the second sentence in the bill. She’s also said she does not want to amend the constitution, while three days later voting to change the constitution for hunting and fishing. Bottom line: Because of Rep Kubacki, you don’t get to vote on marriage this year.
Those are just a handful of the issues you have read about in the paper. All backed up by roll call documentation. These are just the facts. If roll call votes are hateful, then we should not hold any lawmaker accountable to for what they do after we elect them. Ms. Kubacki is probably a wonderful woman. She has a heart for women and children. She will do a wonderful job in the private sector. As for a lawmaker who represents me? I want a representative who listens. That is why I am voting for Curt Nisly.
Monica Boyer
Warsaw, via email