Editor, Times-Union:
The anti-Semitism springing up around the world shouldn’t surprise anyone who has studied the Bible; all nations, including the USA, will eventually go against Israel.
Israel is the only nation on Earth whose borders are laid out in the Bible. The land that Israel now occupies has been a wasteland for 2,000 years. The British who occupied it after the first world war declared the whole area unfit for habitation.
However, the Bible says when the Jews return to ancient homeland, it will bloom like a rose. A few years ago, I went to Israel to see for myself. They have a population of around 5 million people who now export food for 30 million people. Unless you visit it, it is hard to believe and is truly amazing. Eventually, the borders of Israel laid out in the Bible will be theirs again.
There is no historical justification for anything such as a Palestinian state. It is unfortunate that George Bush and Bill Clinton convinced them to give up the Gaza strip as an idea that it would bring peace. I was 15 years old when Neville Chamberlin tried that with Adolph Hitler by turning over the Sudetenland to Germany. Over 70 years ago, I eventually served in England, France and Germany. Over 50 million people were killed in that war; as near as I remember about half of them were civilian. Is there anyone out there who still believes that giving up land would bring peace?
All nations learn from experience is that they have been wrong again. Hamas moved into Gaza, tore up all of the food-producing greenhouses and made it a huge missile base to launch missiles into Israel.
Guess who the world blames!
George Plew