Jo Dee Messina will perform in Warsaw at Central Park July 18. Photo provided.
Jo Dee Messina will perform in Warsaw at Central Park July 18. Photo provided.
Parting ways with her record label in 2012 hasn’t kept Jo Dee Messina down.
She released her fifth studio album, “Me,” on her newly formed label Dreambound Records at the end of March and is out on tour to promote it.
On July 18, she will perform at 8 p.m. at The Glover Pavilion at Central Park, Warsaw, as part of her nationwide tour. Opening act, Justine Blazer Band, starts at 6:30 p.m.
“I wrote a lot for this record and the public chose the songs,” Messina said in a telephone interview Monday morning.
She said her songs were posted on social media like Facebook and Twitter. When it came time to put the album together, she said they had enough songs and knew which ones the fans favored.
Messina co-produced the album with Grammy Award-winning recording engineer Julian King (George Strait, Faith Hill, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson) in LOUD studios in Nashville, Tenn.
To raise money to make the album, she started a Kickstarter campaign. According to information provided from Messina’s camp, “the campaign was the largest to come out of Nashville and the 15th largest Kickstarter has ever had.”
During the first two weeks of the campaign, Messina said some of her fans had to be educated about what Kickstarter was. They didn’t understand that if they contributed to it they also got something back in return.
Everyone’s name who contributed to the album also is on the back of the CD. Because there were so many, Messina said the names are printed quite small.
As for the songs, she said they are all over the place. Some are more rocking while others are traditional country or even R&B. Since they went to the people for their input on the album, and not two people like the same thing, it’s a little all over the place.
The July 18 concert in Warsaw also will be a mix of Messina’s well-known hits and new songs.
“We’re trying to find a balance. There’s certain hits you can’t leave out. If I do a set of the No. 1 hits, it would be an hour-long show. If we do a top ten set, it would be 1-1/2 hours,” Messina said.
On stage, she said she’s very interactive. She’s the same way with social media. Her Facebook page has half a million likes. “People can tell when it’s my comments,” she said, versus comments from her team.
Since she and her old record company parted ways, she said social media has been a blessing to her career. The old record label wouldn’t release her stuff, and she was afraid her fans would forget who she was. However, with her music out on social media like YouTube, her supporters are still able to find her music.
Messina has sold more than 5 million albums worldwide, garnered three No. 1 country albums, nine No. 1 country singles including “I’m Alright,” “Bring On The Rain” (a duet with Tim McGraw), “That’s The Way,” “Bye Bye” and “My Give A Damn’s Busted” and 16 Top 40 country singles.
The new album sold out in its first week on Amazon, Messina said. Copies will be available after the concert and she will sign as many as she can.
The focus right now is the tour, the album and her latest single, “A Woman’s Rant.”
According to information provided, “A Woman’s Rant” is currently impacting radio and in the Top 25 on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart and Top 40 on the Billboard Indicator Chart. The single, written by Messina, hones in on the trials and tribulations of being a working woman and all the responsibilities that come along with that. It celebrates all the extraordinary women out there and everything they do on a daily basis.
Messina said she’s just having a good time with everything and the Warsaw concert will be a part of that fun.
She stated, “Tell your readers to come on down. We’ll have a good time!”
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