What defines a Christian education? Is it an education that teaches us from the perspective of Christ? What if the question was not necessarily what defines a Christian education, but what education means, and how to do it well.
Is an education taught, or caught? Is an education occur informal or formally? Education is both formal and informal, taught and caught. Education involves a mixture of all things.
Many would refer to education as “here are the facts: memorize them and regurgitate them on paper. Lesson taught.” And this is what I grew up with. I attended public school in Columbia City from kindergarten up through my junior year of high school.
Of all things that I was taught in public school, there was one prevailing item that I have come to realize this year at Lakeland: a secular education focuses on subjects while a Christ-centered education focuses on the entire individual. A Christ-centered education not just taps into the subjects, but the entire person, their soul.
How does Lakeland accomplish this? How does Lakeland represent a Christian education in its best form?
In tandem with the entire individual concept, Lakeland also focuses not just on the result, but the process as well.  You see, the church aids the individual in learning scriptures, and the Bible in general.
Secondly, the parents of the individual are to be their own spiritual leader – an example to follow and mold after. Lakeland, an amazing example of a Christ-centered education, ties the knot. Lakeland takes all the previous mentioned things and hypothetically ties them with the bow, applying them to standard subjects and helping you come to the realization of who you truly are and how these things may work together in your walk with Christ. How are some of these classes an example of this?
Toward the middle to end of my senior year at Lakeland, I was studying “Macbeth” in my English 12 class. In “Macbeth,” the main character struggled with the concept of guilt as well as unchecked ambition.
Throughout “Macbeth” one of the main and prevailing themes was that of unchecked ambition by moral constraints. During the classes vigorous study of this, our teacher had us relate this theme back to the Bible and what it had to say about the desires for power and advancement such as Macbeth had sought after.
Secondly, at a previous time this past year I studied chemistry. In my chemistry class I learned that one may serve God through chemistry and honor Him in many varying ways. Chemistry easily and quickly became of my favorite classes.
My teacher helped to show me the purpose for learning chemistry and throughout the book I have discovered God’s depth of understanding and His amazing power. Once you really learn how matter, individual atoms and such work together – one develops a deeper understanding and one is able to appreciate the splendor of Christ’s greatest masterpiece and this Earth that we are on.
Lakeland Christian Academy is a magnificent example of a prime, Christ-centered education. Lakeland offers small class structure and not only focuses on just the process, but using that process to form a individual which is able to actively pursue Christ with greater understanding and knowledge.
Colossians 1:16-18 and 2:9-10 is quoted as, “For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And he is the head of the body, the church ... For Christ is not only God-like, He is God in human flesh. When you have Christ, you are complete. He is the head over all leaders and powers.”
This is exactly what Lakeland does. God's Word is the moral authority that informs all of our intellectual, spiritual, social and physical pursuits. Thus, true education of the person can only occur when all facets of learning are rooted in and viewed through the lens of God’s Word. Lakeland introduces and involves the individual in an educational experience that is rooted and viewed through the lens of God’s Word.
Cameron will be attending Grace College to pursue a double major in mechanical engineering and applied physics.