10 Years Ago
Employees from Maple Leaf Farms have adopted more than four miles of roadside along CRs 900N and 200E near Milford for cleaning a few times each year. The first cleanup was June 29 with Dan Harper, Teresa Heffner, Jackie Hartman-Hassinger, Bryan Mapes, Mike Turk, Darla Gagnon, Ted Gillem, Greg Liestman, Mark Ennis, Rick Allen and Rich Sudlow.
Molly Owens, 7, read to Andraya, a 4-year-old Jack Russel terrier owned by Gail Jenkins, Warsaw, at the “Reading with Canines” program at the Warsaw Community Public Library. Margaret Fritzel and Lake City Canine Club heard about therapy dogs for children and wanted to bring it there. Mary Workman, who lives near Bourbon, brought her 3-month-old English Springer spaniel, Sailor.
25 Years Ago
County Highway employees are Paul Deaton, Doug Shilling, Gregory Estepp, Gary Adams, Bobbie Miner, Tim Kuhn, Jack Adams, Jr., Mark Johnson, Rick Meeks, John Davis, Lowell Engle, Alvin Miller, Jeff Kuhn, Mat Winger, Ermal Coy and Larry Montel.
The 1989 Circus Galaxy of Stars will be coming to the Warsaw Middle School July 12, featuring Gina and her uncaged leopards, Sir Harry James and his amazing one-finger stand, Miss Stephanie performing on the trapeze, the Rianos Duo’s juggling and unicycle act, clowns, magic and other acts designed to entertain children of all ages.
Junior Achievement board members are Greg DuPont, DePuy; Kent Kleeman, Hull House; John Rice, Rice Ford; Sharon Chase, Warsaw Community Development Corp.; Charles Turner, Herald Book Store; Dave Magner, Lake City Bank; Mark Jensen, general surgeon; Jim Cooper, Little Crow Foods.
50 Years Ago
Homer Schuman, Larwill, was chosen president of the Whitko Community School Board for the 1964-65 school year; Dale Reiff, Cleveland Township, vice president; Maurice Scott, Washington Township, secretary; Leon Kubacki, Washington Township, treasurer; Joe Fisher, Cleveland Township, the fifth member of the board. Superintendent Delbert Hatton will survey the enrollment at the Sidney and Monroe Schools and report at the next meeting if it would be of more benefit to transfer the students to other schools.
D. Edward Knox, son of Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Knox, Winona Lake, received the A.M. degree from Harvard University in Regional Studies-Middle East. He is a 1958 graduate of Warsaw High School.
75 Years Ago
Five fearless Winona youngsters went swimming in the Winona gravelpit last Monday afternoon. They withstood the cold chills and shivers for 45 minutes but scrambled out before an hour was up. Robert Crates, Bobby Riggins, Donald Oakley, all 13; Ed Boyer, 14; and Bob Babcock, 9, said it was lots of fun.
Warsaw and Winona fire departments battled a blaze at the farm home of Paul Hahn, two miles southwest of Warsaw. Leonard Wolford, Warsaw, tried to find a place on top of the house to fight the fire, and “Buck” Faris, Winona, went up the ladder with the hose.
Don Derry, 5-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Derry, found 18 large mushrooms in his back yard Tuesday.