10 Years Ago
Six women were nominated for the “Our Lady of Kosciusko County” title and were presented crowns and flowers. Those honored were Margret Stutzman, Warsaw; Miriam McKeefrey Uphouse, Winona Lake; Irene Golden; Beth Stephens, Palestine; Emma Reffitt; Dottie Baker, Warsaw.
Al Shirk, Florida, presented Mayor Ernie Wiggins a 16mm film of Warsaw’s 1954 centennial parade and celebration. He is donating the film to the city in remembrance of his father Sam, who took the film, and his son Bradley. Video Sound Productions is compiling photos and video from the sesquicentennial.
Warsaw-Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce announced that Trina Hoy has joined the organization as director of communications and events.
25 Years Ago
Darrin Wilcoxson, son of Joann Wilcoxson and the late Robert Wilcoxson, Warsaw Community High School’s runner-up in the state final 800 meter run in June, signed for a scholarship to attend and run track for Purdue University. At WCHS, he received “Most Valuable Runner” in both 1988 and 1989 and was a three-year letterman in track.
Warsaw’s Gene Butts was the umpire-in-chief at the North-South Baseball All-Star Game at Coveleski Stadium in South Bend. He worked the first game behind the plate and then moved to third base in the second one.
Amanda Howard caught a 33-inch catfish in Winona Lake. The fish weighed 14-1/2 pounds. Aaron Turner was fishing with his dad, Bob, when he caught a 24-inch walleye weighing 4-1/2 pounds in Waubee Lake.
50 Years Ago
A new type of furnace and a new type of metal may give Dalton Foundries increased sales and productivity. Robert S. Lee, technical director at Dalton’s explains: “An induction furnace is an electric melting pot that will super heat an infinite number of alloys, allowing us to cast iron alloys to fit the needs of our customers. Ductile iron is one of the many products of this furnace. Ductile iron retains all of the desirable, easy-to-work qualities of gray iron but can be alloyed to pick up the shock and tensile strength of steel.” The furnace is small, uses 375,000 watts of current at 520 amperes, can super-heat eight tons of alloyed iron per hour which is first heated to a fluid state in a cupola where the by-product is steam rather than the former fine silt.
75 Years Ago
First National Bank, “The Bank on the Corner,” celebrated its second anniversary May 22. Jovial Eugene T. White, cashier, thanks all for their fine patronage.
Orr Ford, Claypool, is proud that his dairy herd is one of the finest and cleanest around our town and county. He’s been breeding Jerseys for the past 22 years.
Earl Burwell has purchased the Outlet Cottage and three acres owned by Ben and Emil Fancil beside the Winona Lake’s Eagle Creek Dam.
Fifty General Motors trucks, conveying scientific displays and other interesting exhibits, passed through Warsaw this morning enroute to a four-day show in Fort Wayne. John Chambers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Chambers, Warsaw, and Willard Conn, Leesburg, traveled with the group.