10 Years
Zach Fulton gets a hug from his third-grade teacher Michelle Little at the closing of Silver Lake School. Little has been a teacher for 16 years and also attended the school as a student. Written in chalk on the playground are the words "I Love Sever Lake School."  Third-grader Shannon Hovenden cleans out her locker.
Don Burton, superintendent of Phend & Brown, Leesburg, gives Robert Jenks, a member of Boy Scout Troop 715, a tour and explanation of the business operations. Jenks is a step closer to earning his geology merit badge.
Warsaw's Summer Faith Festival will be held June 19 in Central Park. Local artist Tiffany Leigh Polston, daughter of Randy and Rachael Polston, Warsaw, opens her concert tour. She first performed in church at age five.

25 Years
Warsaw Band Boosters are sponsoring three fund-raising events June 10 to raise money for new band uniforms: car washes at First National Bank, K-mart and Penguin Point; garage, bake and craft sale in the school's parking lot; chicken barbecue at Center Lake. Director Martin Becker says the new uniform will be a military style: two pairs of pants, white and black; a black coat with orange and white trim, silver buttons and a white citation cord; the hat will be a black "shako" type with black vinyl material, a silver medal and tall white plume.
Ground was broken for the second McDonald's restaurant in Warsaw on U.S. 30 E in front of the new Wal-Mart store. The new restaurant should be completed by Labor Day and will have 130 seats, patio seating for 20 and parking facilities for 75 cars. Marie Lowery is operations manager; Linda Donaldson, area supervisor; Doris Amstutz, store activities representative; Kent Webber, store manager; Joe Plank, construction engineer.

50 Years
Murphy Medical Center is hosting its second annual "Ball Parisienne," an April in Paris, Saturday night at the National Guard Armory. William K. Mollenhour, vice-president, will act as master of ceremonies at the crowning of the queen. Decorations are elaborate this year, reflecting the French motif. Hundreds of tiny lights outline a 22-foot Eiffel Tower. A colored fountain will be against a background of painted trees filled with flowers. Behind a specially decorated bandstand colored bubbles will float in the air. There will be decorated lamp posts, posters and a sidewalk cafe. An exciting menu has been planned. Mrs. Lewis F. Luckenbill, personnel director, and Alvon Abbott are co-chairmen. Members of the decorating committee: Budd Walls, Mrs. Doris McCray, Mrs. Wayne Wuthrich, Mrs. Arlene Rogers, Martha Nelson, Mrs. Charles Jefferies.

75 Years
Warsaw now has an airport and a real flying club. The club last fall purchased its own plane, has kept it stored at an airfield at Goshen where the members have been taking flying instructions and some have taken their solo flights. A landing field has been rented on the William Rogers farm near the Eight-Square school house six miles northeast of Warsaw near Chapman Lake and a hangar will be built there to house their ship. Jake Menzie and Jay Shue are moving spirits to the Flying Club. "The more pilots we have the better our nation can defend itself."
Beaver Dam High School's band will entertain with a concert during the institution's "School Night" Tuesday, April 4. Included numbers are "Barcarolle," "Finlandia," "Amaryliss,"  and "Andante." Every class will participate in the program.