10 Years Ago
Springtime in Indiana is a time for robins, tulips – and potholes! Rob Ladson, Kosciusko County Highway Department superintendent and engineer for seven years says, “It’s probably the worst I’ve seen.”
Ryan England, Tippecanoe Valley, takes flight during his leg of the 3200 relay at Manchester High School. The Vikings won the relay with a time of 9:23.4. Manchester won the 400 and 1600 relays.
Erika Jansen, 11, daughter of Dean and Carol Lyn Jansen, was chosen the winner of the American College of Musicians International Composition Competition with her piece “Slavic Dances.” She has been playing five years under the guidance of her teacher Paula Popenfoose.
25 Years Ago
After 38 years with the Mentone Post Office, clerk Richard “Dick” Boganwright is retiring effective April 21. He and his son Tim have a family hog operation four miles south of Mentone near Sevastopol.
“Cinderella” will be presented at Sacred Heart Parish Hall April 29 and 30. Cast is:  Liz Goshert, Cinderella; Jeff Carrillo, her prince; Yvonne Keirn, Godmother; and Dave Marty, Laurie Davis, Judy Meinert, Kirk Heng, James Mitchell, Robin Blankenship, Gary Eshleman, Leah Gagnon, M. Lynn Gray, Bill Hoy, Trina Hoy, Howard Johnson, Cheryl Jones, Ellen Lozier, Nora Macon, Bryan Martin, Shanon Martin, Jenny Marty, Gretchen Mason, Cindy Nash, Huntter Randall, Linda Roberts and Jody Thompson.
50 Years Ago
A3C John E. Foresman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Foresman, 513 N. Union St., is beginning six-months training in Survival Instructors School at Stead Air Force Base in Reno, Nev. He is a 1960 graduate of Warsaw High School.
Boys who represented the Warsaw Baker Boys Club in the state “Game Rooms” tournament held at I.U. were Gary Konkle, Rick Heckaman, Junior Slone, Harry Beatty, Jerry Kesler, Virgil Jackson, Mike Davidson, Greg Cosgrove and Larry Hankins. Konkle won a trophy. Robert Lichtenwalter is club director.
75 Years Ago
 The Honolulu Conservatory of Music will present its students in a musical entertainment Feb. 19 in the Moose hall. Students include Edith Lynch, Joan Wagoner, Jack Copeland, Deverl Kirkpatrick, Martha Hodges, Mary Jane Grandstaff, Ronald Kail, Gloria Rinkle, Jack Bowers, Billy Bibler, Donald Shireman, Doris Robbins, Gordon Beaman, Elizabeth Hamsher, Eileen Ebbinghouse, Dariel Phillips, Lewis Sechrist, Larry Kline, Evert Weherly, Jean Heagy, Orval Secor, Margaret Rose, Doris Rose, Rollin Knouff and Doris Atchison.